Casey’s Diner

March 27th, 2012 by Richard Chudy

Photo by Katie Barszcz

Stepping out of my comfort zone from the fancy and upscale to the rugged and humble, I ventured over to Casey’s Diner in Natick with some fellow burger enthusiasts¬†to experience a burger as simple as you can get. Walking into Casey’s is like a time-warp; with about eight seats at the counter, seating is limited, and the option of grabbing your meal from the take-out window is available too. Hot Dogs and Burgers are the focus here, and you can smell them a mile away. But I’m a burger guy (shocking I know) and only having a few minutes to eat, I was carefully instructed to order a burger with onions cooked into the patty, and don’t forget about the bacon. What they do to the onions and bacon is what makes this burger; reminiscent of White Hut, it’s all about the crust, the grease and the simplicity, the beef is not the star but it really doesn’t matter. continue reading »