Moxy (Portsmouth, NH)

September 11th, 2013 by Richard Chudy

Yes, I’m cheating a little bit. For starters, this is Boston Burger Blog, not New England burger blog. But, from time to time I may actually (gasp) eat another burger in a different city other than my own. We found ourselves in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on a whim last weekend, and like all good spontaneous road trips with us there is always a copious amount of food involved. We found our way into Moxy, a self-described “Modern American Tapas” restaurant that had been on our radar ever since the last time we visited this lovely city. Not knowing they had a burger on their menu beforehand, we worked our way through their take on small plates, bites and snacks with the harmlessly titled, “grass-fed local beef burgers” just sitting there, mocking me because the inevitable had to happen and I was going to order them. continue reading »