Worden Hall

March 22nd, 2016 by Richard Chudy

Worden Hall

If I eat a decent burger do you need to know about it? I’d say most burgers I consume fall into the “pretty good” category; not fully memorable or in the top pantheon, but certainly worth your hard earned cash if you are in need of a burger fix. Worden Hall, a newish spot in Southie, attempts to elevate the commonplace pub staples into something a little more refined. But are they successful?¬† continue reading »


July 2nd, 2013 by Richard Chudy


How much does ambiance truly factor into our burger satisfaction? I’ve been known to be not so kind to a slightly snobby atmosphere because it just doesn’t pair so well with a hamburger. Most would argue that the quintessential burger should probably be consumed in a setting where either a visible grill is present (ie a backyard) or at the very least, the aromas of char and beef smack you in the face from the get-go. Clearly this is something that the fancy pants places cannot emulate, and yet despite an onslaught of “higher end” places that are wildly successful, don’t we all just want something cheap and quick at the end of the day? continue reading »

Local 149

July 1st, 2011 by Richard Chudy

The food at Local 149 can described as uneven; this after multiple attempts, a couple of very good burgers, and a couple less than stellar. The people behind The Biltmore in Newton take on a similar vibe in the new Southie spot, a very ambitious gastro-pub of a menu, that isn’t always triumphant. At it’s best, the Local Cheese Burger is a delight; with grass-fed sirloin, cheddar, pickled green tomato and seaweed salt fries. Trust me, this is as normal as the menu gets, which isn’t to say I don’t appreciate at least reading the menu, the flavors are often presented as bold and unique, but my taste buds don’t always agree. The Patty Melt is less successful; two all-beef patties, sauerkraut, Muenster and 24 hour ketchup. Yeah, there’s a lot going on, individually the components work, but never fully unify to become the great burger they could be. continue reading »