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Lulu’s Allston

February 6th, 2015 by Richard Chudy


Shiny and with an open concept, Lulu’s still has that new restaurant smell and is a welcome addition to the Allston ‘hood. The menu is vast with pub influenced bites, plates and sandwiches and a slight accent of gluttonous offerings to boot. Two burgers appear on the menu (three if you count a black bean one a burger; I don’t), one very normal, one very much a knife and fork sounding job. Of course I had to have both the Lulu’s Burger ($12) and the fittingly named Bad Ass Burger ($15).  continue reading »

Almost here…

January 28th, 2015 by Richard Chudy

Yes, almost a year in the making, but my first cookbook (co-written with the incredible Sammy Monsour) will be on the shelves this May. American Burger Revival will be just that: an irreverent look at America’s most precious handheld pastime food item, with some modern twists and our completely unique and (hopefully) original outlook on a classic. It was an incredible journey, those of who have written a cookbook before know what I’m talking about. Each deliberation, creative brainstorming session and tweaks and re-tweaks in the kitchen made it all worthwhile and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in all of this. Sammy is a master in the kitchen and his ideas and passion made this book what it is. We got the book we always envisioned thanks to the incredible team at Union Park Press and we can’t wait to spread our burger love (take that however you want) into your home and kitchen in just a few months. Here are a couple of teaser pics I wanted to share. Thanks as always for all the support and love along the way, I couldn’t have done it without all of my dear readers throughout the years.

– Richard







Savin Bar and Kitchen

January 22nd, 2015 by Richard Chudy

Savin Bar and Kitchen

Ho hum. I’ve had this burger before and you’ve read this review before. Not literally of course, but the burger at Savin Bar and Kitchen in Dorchester is not unlike many renditions I’ve had thus far. Not surprisingly, after hundreds and hundreds of burger eating experiences, it’s inevitable that there similarities among them. Hanging out with the man himself, my friend Adam Xii of Radio BDC fame, our focus ended up shifting towards music, as it often does, instead of the sandwich before us. And that’s mostly a good summary of the lunch; the burger is and was totally fine, but attention worthy or even debatable on its success was sort of an afterthought. Completely adequate and satisfying in a way that most burgers are as a whole, we could just as easily leave it at that.  continue reading »

Snappy Patty’s

January 15th, 2015 by Richard Chudy


True food savants will likely point to the word “slider” as a very specific form of burger with steamed onions and soft and very squishy buns with a credit card thinness of a beef patty as the mainstay. Anything less (or more) than that verges into the mini burger category, and let’s not miss that distinction. Newish Snappy Patty’s in Medford is somewhere in the middle, not quite a slider, not exactly a mini burger and hints of patty melt territory even if they insist on calling them patty melt Sliders (direct from their website). It doesn’t matter though, they are quite tasty, a little flawed, but satisfying.

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5 classic NYC Burgers you have to eat

October 23rd, 2014 by Richard Chudy
This is a guest post by Rev Ciancio, director of marketing at Burger Maker and the founder of The Burger Week, a 7 day series of events celebrating all things hamburger. 
While I’ve spent a lot of time in Boston, I really haven’t eaten a lot of Burgers there. In fact, at this point, it’s one of those cities where I wouldn’t really be able to even give someone a list of recommendations off the top of my head. When I am in need of Burger knowledge in Beantown, one of my sources is the Boston Burger Blog. Richard’s passion for a good Burger and a desire to share them creates a great source of knowledge for those looking to get Boston Burger Crazy. When Richard and I decided to create some content for each other, I thought to myself what would I want to know from him that would help me to determine where I should eat Burgers in Boston. Do I want the latest and greatest or am I looking to go old school? Am I interested in the hippest spots? Am I looking for some fancy Chef driven gourmet Burgers? Well the answers to all of those questions are basically some form of yes, however it’s not where I would want to get started. I want to eat where it started. I want to chow down on the Burgers that make Boston a Burger town. Give me the Classics. Show me the old school joints that have been setting the Burger pace for years and years because having a foundation is an important way to start anything. So with that, allow me to do that for you about the city I call home, New York City. 

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Precinct Kitchen + Bar

October 21st, 2014 by Richard Chudy


The places I go to review are rarely, if ever, random. I stay as current as I can with online burger chatter, professional reviews or readers’ suggestions to me. A recent Chowhound post pointed me in the direction of Precinct Kitchen + Bar at the Loews Hotel in the Back Bay. Available at the bar only, the $14 burger hits what it needs to hit on paper, sounding quasi high end but with an affordability to go along with it. Vegas Burger Blog and I went out for a little brotherly burger research, to hopefully add another go-to burger spot to our list.  continue reading »