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November 2nd, 2011 by Richard Chudy

I have no doubt William Kovel is a supremely talented chef, his food has been well received for years and he’s put his heart and soul into the opening of Catalyst. I’m confident his Chicken Liver Mousse is divine and the Roasted Cod is lovely, but the burger, at least on my visit, was far from adequate. Customer service is a huge factor in the restaurant world, of course the food is top priority, but great service should be a no-brainer. But far too often I can’t help but feel like it’s a complete afterthought; maybe if I was twenty years older and dressed in a suit perhaps I’d get the respect I deserve. I hate the ageism, it has no place and this was evident from the cold and silent greeting we received upon arrival, the snobby bartender who was disappointed that his attempts to up-sell were denied, and the hostess who refused to wish us a good night as we vacated. And it wasn’t even a busy night at the restaurant, aside from one or two large groups it was mostly empty as we dined at the bar. Curious that the bartender felt the need to only suggest the most expensive items on the menu to us, and the faux-wisdom presented to us as he explained such pedestrian menu items to us such as the shape of a pasta or the type of cheese used in another dish. Does this happen to all patrons or just the “younger” crowd? I know what Taleggio cheese is and just because of my age (31, for the record) or the size of my wallet, I shouldn’t be spoken to like a nine year old. I doubt this happens to the 50-year old suit with deeper pockets. continue reading »

The Publick House

December 17th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

I’ve come to expect sub-par service based on specific locations, Brookline being one of them, as poor customer service doomed sister restaurant American Craft a few months ago, a visit to The Publick House wasn’t that much different. And it’s a pretty similar burger experience too, although admittedly better and less pretentious to boot. The burger options are pretty similar, nothing is pre-set, you’re pretty much on your own to create your burger, this time with more mainstream condiments. $12 will buy you a hamburger, and all other topping come in at a mere .75 cents, which I can live with. I go with cheddar and a chili aioli, just to mix things up a bit. All served up on a pretty typical Bulkie roll, it’s a pretty typical Pub burger with a much better beer list. continue reading »

American Craft (CLOSED)

June 6th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

American CraftSometimes poor service can really spoil things for me, and despite my preference for a completely candid review, I always head into a place with a positive attitude. American Craft did it’s absolute best to annoy me from the get-go, starting with the tattooed indie-hostess girl who really made things difficult right off the bat. Banter I enjoy, hell I give it as much as anyone, but in the world of hospitality, it’s not at all necessary.  I don’t like being told there is a twenty minute wait when seats are absolutely plentiful inside, I’m having a hard time imagining VIP reservations at a pretentious “pub” in Brookline, but what do I know. Add all that to beers that were a good inch shy of filling the glass, and I’m grumpy.  Good service and a full beer? Now that’s a different story, and I don’t think it’s asking for too much. continue reading »