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Snappy Patty’s

January 15th, 2015 by Richard Chudy


True food savants will likely point to the word “slider” as a very specific form of burger with steamed onions and soft and very squishy buns with a credit card thinness of a beef patty as the mainstay. Anything less (or more) than that verges into the mini burger category, and let’s not miss that distinction. Newish Snappy Patty’s in Medford is somewhere in the middle, not quite a slider, not exactly a mini burger and hints of patty melt territory even if they insist on calling them patty melt Sliders (direct from their website). It doesn’t matter though, they are quite tasty, a little flawed, but satisfying.

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Harry’s Bar and Burger (Providence, RI)

January 9th, 2014 by Richard Chudy


My experience with Rhode Island burgers is limited, to say the least. Aside from a brief stint for my undergrad many moons ago, I have not done extensive food research in our tiny neighboring state. On a whim a couple of weeks ago, we set off to Providence for an afternoon of bites and walking around the state’s capital. After doing a bit of on-the-fly research, we found our way out of the rain and into Harry’s Bar and Burger, supposedly one of the top burger destinations in Providence. A warm and welcoming staff made us feel accommodated immediately in this cozy casual bar setting. The burger menu is the clear highlight (as the name suggests) and they are made as sliders, with two per order and fries a la carte, with options aplenty. continue reading »

Moxy (Portsmouth, NH)

September 11th, 2013 by Richard Chudy

Yes, I’m cheating a little bit. For starters, this is Boston Burger Blog, not New England burger blog. But, from time to time I may actually (gasp) eat another burger in a different city other than my own. We found ourselves in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on a whim last weekend, and like all good spontaneous road trips with us there is always a copious amount of food involved. We found our way into Moxy, a self-described “Modern American Tapas” restaurant that had been on our radar ever since the last time we visited this lovely city. Not knowing they had a burger on their menu beforehand, we worked our way through their take on small plates, bites and snacks with the harmlessly titled, “grass-fed local beef burgers” just sitting there, mocking me because the inevitable had to happen and I was going to order them. continue reading »