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Worden Hall

March 22nd, 2016 by Richard Chudy

Worden Hall

If I eat a decent burger do you need to know about it? I’d say most burgers I consume fall into the “pretty good” category; not fully memorable or in the top pantheon, but certainly worth your hard earned cash if you are in need of a burger fix. Worden Hall, a newish spot in Southie, attempts to elevate the commonplace pub staples into something a little more refined. But are they successful?¬† continue reading »


October 3rd, 2013 by Richard Chudy


How many great burgers are there really in Boston? The number of what I would deem exceptional isn’t quite as vast as it could be. True, there are plenty of solid to good burgers, and there is nothing wrong with having a consistent fall-back option when it comes to our friend, the hamburger. Lincoln in Southie may have my current favorite pizza anywhere in the Greater Boston area, (Although I love the original Regina’s, to me Lincoln is right there) and as I soon found out, also makes one the better burgers. The noise level is painfully high for a semi-old dude such as myself on a Thursday night, and the servers and hostesses are brash, cocky and not exactly welcoming which is a bit of a letdown. continue reading »


July 2nd, 2013 by Richard Chudy


How much does ambiance truly factor into our burger satisfaction? I’ve been known to be not so kind to a slightly snobby atmosphere because it just doesn’t pair so well with a hamburger. Most would argue that the quintessential burger should probably be consumed in a setting where either a visible grill is present (ie a backyard) or at the very least, the aromas of char and beef smack you in the face from the get-go. Clearly this is something that the fancy pants places cannot emulate, and yet despite an onslaught of “higher end” places that are wildly successful, don’t we all just want something cheap and quick at the end of the day? continue reading »