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Hops N Scotch

December 18th, 2012 by Richard Chudy

It was the burger that almost wasn’t. I had dinner at the relative Coolidge Corner newcomer Hops N Scotch over the summer with mixed results. More recently we found ourselves in the neighborhood on a weeknight for a few cocktails, and me not being the kind of guy who can ever refuse ordering a burger I haven’t had, dove right in to what I anticipated to be an ordinary burger. It’s not due to a lack of hype or accolades, but the Hops N Scotch burger just doesn’t sound very exciting, especially for a place that has an interesting Southern spin on a lot of their dishes. Why no love for the burger though? I had dreams about a Pimento Cheese topped patty with fried green tomatoes and maybe some Cajun spiced fries. Some sort of twist would have been preferred, but I digress. After talking it over with our fine bartender, I was informed that I could in fact have the burger with pimento cheese, in lieu of traditional options such as cheddar or American. Pimento cheese, for the uninformed, is a Southern staple that is basically a cheese spread (usually sharp cheddar) mixed with roasted red peppers and mayonnaise.  It could be spiced further or it could be as straight-forward as that. Additional add-ons such as a fried egg and bacon are also available for $2 a pop.

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JM Curley

March 2nd, 2012 by Richard Chudy

What makes a great burger? It’s not a big secret, most restaurant dishes, especially of the comfort food variety, succeed because they are not shy with salt or fat. Burgers are no exception; season aggressively and don’t skimp on the fat and you’re off to a delicious start. Burgers aren’t a diet food, better stick with the salad if you want something healthier, the ideal burger shouldn’t be good for you. Which isn’t to say the burgers at JM Curley are overly greasy or salty, it isn’t, although it is in fact, a strong contender for one of my new favorites in Boston. continue reading »