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Sel de la Terre (CLOSED)

August 2nd, 2010 by Richard Chudy

I always wonder how a burger makes a given menu. Is it just the most universal food item and thus appeals to the masses? The trend for “upscale” burgers isn’t new, I guess I’m still trying to understand the reasoning behind it all, but one way or another it seems to be here to stay. We dined at Sel de la Terre (we being the coolest burger posse ever) which is as nice a restaurant as a group of our stature can feel comfortable in, it’s just burgers, who needs fancy anyway? Well, the $14 Sel de la Terre burger is kind of fancy, aioli and pancetta join the burger party, but we’ve seen those ingredients before. It’s the right balance I’d say, of appealing to the masses but making it special enough that it feels right. I wasn’t blown away, but categorically speaking it fit the bill. continue reading »

Radius (CLOSED)

December 22nd, 2009 by Richard Chudy

I’ve been drooling with anticipation to experience the Radius burger. And yes, it’s an experience, as Radius is one of Boston’s longstanding fine-dining restaurants with celebrity chef Michael Schlow at the helm. There has been a huge buzz around the burger in particular at Radius, one of the first upscale Boston restaurants to offer an upscale burger. It now costs $19, and you’re treated like royalty compared to the standard routine of driving up to a window and ordering a burger, but that should be expected, I mean we’re talking $19 for a BURGER!! What ever happened to the burger being a “food for the people,” anyway? Luckily, it was Paul D’s birthday, so we had a legitimate reason to finally go, not that running a burger blog isn’t reason enough, but the time had come. continue reading »