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A Burger Challenge from Whole Foods and the Goodwill Grill

July 15th, 2015 by Richard Chudy

WF Burger


A couple of weeks ago, I was challenged on Instagram by the Whole Foods in Melrose. They had caught wind of American Burger Revival and wondered if I could create a burger out of any random collection of ingredients. Of course I am not one to back down from a challenge, especially a delicious beefy burger challenge, so I happily accepted. Off I went to the Melrose store, where I was given a basket of ingredients in which I was tasked to take them home and make a burger out of. Now, I’m not sure I would have sought out grass fed beef, plums, squid, challah bread, pomegranate molasses, ginger and a wedge of Nuvola di Pecora cheese, but I’m glad I did. I created my take on a surf and turf Patty Melt by making a burger topped with mustard fried calamari, plum-harissa cocktail sauce, grilled plums and crispy ginger with melted Nuvola di Pecora. I especially loved the way the cocktail sauce came out, as I incorporated a couple of the plums, harissa, pomegranate molasses and horseradish for a new twist on the old standby.

Now the fun part. On July 25th I will be at the Whole Foods in Melrose as part of their week long 2nd year anniversary party! ¬†You’ll have the chance to taste a delicious burger creation (a new burger to be determined, squid optional) for $5 which includes chips and a soda and all the proceeds will go to the Melrose Veterans Memory Project. Copies of American Burger Revival will also be available for purchase so come on down and say hi!